Frog Pond Bordeauxs is a small family farm in Amherst, NH.  We are involved with horse rescue as well.  We are not a kennel, but a hobby breeder that strives to produce some of the most beautiful and even tempered dogues. 

Temperament is by far one of the most important attributes in a dogue combined with proper structure.  We only produce one or two litters a year, but each of our girls is only bred once a year.  We believe in quality, not quantity.  We strongly feel that our dogues are our babies….an extension of our family.

Our dogues remain with us until the day they cross the rainbow bridge.  This is the reason why we only have a few dogues.  They are well socialized and are among other dogs, cats, horses, and farm birds.  Our puppies go home at no earlier than 8 weeks of age after first shots and all wormings.   
Our Bordeauxs are not kept in a kennel.  

They are raised in our home and have the run of the house so they are played with by young children. All in home obedience training involves our children so the dogues not only listen to the adults in the home, but the children as well.  We feel it makes a better dogue as well as a well mannered dogue.  The puppies we keep are well
socialized dogues and they attend K-9 classes as well as doggie daycare until they are 9 months when daycare won’t allow an unaltered dog.  We then continue socialization skills at puppy parks, the beach, training classes, and pet stores.

We believe in minimal vaccines as there have been many instances in recent years of issues with vaccines.  We have a puppy that was placed in a home at 9 weeks old who was given 2 full sets of vaccines all in one day at 13 and 15 months old who now has a seizure disorder.  We look at vaccines this way:  Dogs live 8-15 years on average and receive many shots every year of their lives…humans live 60-100 years, and we receive all our vaccines as children.  There is no need to vaccinate dogs the way we do.  

I will have Dogues for as long as I am able to spend my time on Earth.  I could never picture my life without my pets.  It’s a passion that burns deep within my heart.  Every time I sell a puppy to his/her new owner, it breaks off a piece of my heart, until I get the phone call, email or snail mail of family pictures from my pup’s new home. Then the smiles on the faces of the people make everything worth while, and puts the happy back into my heart.

We Also Believe In Horse Rescue

We also rescue horses and belong to a group called NEER (New England Equine Rescues).  NEER rescues horses from slaughter, abuse and neglect.  We bring the horses to “foster” homes (I am a foster mom for a beautiful Haflinger mare), until we can find forever homes for them to live out the rest of their lives without the fear of ever facing the slaughter truck again. 

If you may be interested in being an angel for a horse, please contact me.  Your minimal donation is tax deductible.(even $5 a month will help tremendously.  NEER is a non-profit organization.  Check out their website at newenglandequinerescues.com

(Can you believe this beautiful full figured girl (5 years old) was in the slaughter pen and missed the slaughter truck because they thought she was pregnant?   Good thing she’s chunky!!   And experts say being fat isn’t good for your health….Way to prove ’em wrong Greta…..)



In August of 2003, I decided I wanted a new puppy.  I did research on the many breeds that interested me.I wanted a dog loyal to the family, not just one person.  I knew I wanted a large dog ( I currently had a Rottweiler and an American Bulldog), but I was wavering between a Burnese Mountain Dog and a Dogue de Bordeaux.  After researching for almost 9 months, I decided on a Bordeaux for numerous reasons but first and foremost was the coat upkeep.

I have a very busy lifestyle, so a dog with a really long coat was out of the question.  I found a local Bordeaux breeder 2 hours away and drove down to hopefully pick up my very first girl.  I arrived and I fell in love.  Katie Lynn came home with me that night, and the rest is history.  Her doginality (personality) was to die for.  Loyal, loving, friendly….all the qualities I wanted in a dog…..and so much more.

Sugar Grove Farms Kiss me Kate aka Katie Lynn DOB 12/07/2003-3/14/2012

My first Bordeaux and the reason I decided breed.

Meet Katie Lynn!  She is a smaller female (94 lbs) out of East Coast’s Sarge and Sarsha.  She was one of 18 in the litter.  Katie Lynn is a wonderful family pet.  She has the patience of a saint.  My 2 year old daughter climbs all over her and she is happiest when the kids are using her as a canine jungle gym.  She is great around people and other dogs as well as cats, horses, chickens and other animals.  She is not a leash dog and runs freely on our 5 acre farm. She passes on her wonderful, loving temperament to her offspring.  Her even temperament and loyalty are the reasons I decided to breed the most wonderful breed of dogue to ever touch my heart.  She is a very attentive mom, the kind of Dogue you want to raise your kids…LOL… And your puppies.

Unfortunately, Katie Lynn lost her battle with cancer in March of 2012.  We miss her every day but are thankful to have her 2 daughters, Angel and Fiona here to carry on her legacy.

Another pic of Katie.
Another pic of Katie.

Our vet is Pepperell Veterinary Hospital in Pepperell, MA

Dr. Brad Smith, Dr. Scott Osgood, Dr. Lauren Flanaganand and Dr. Laura Berkowicz and staff are very knowledgeable as well as friendly, informative, and really love what they do.  All the Doctors take their time with each and every patient.  Your pet is not just a file, but a living, breathing patient.

Check out their website at: